LASACO Householders Insurance

Pays for loss or damage to homes and contents, personal legal Costs, death/injury of home owners and loss of rent or cost of temporary accommodation

Features of Householders Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Cover

Provides you with comprehensive protection against Loss or damage to your building or contents due to Fire, Lightning and Explosion caused by the gas used for domestic purposes

Settlement Schedule

The benefit is payable in three (3) installments.

Flexible premium payment

You don’t have to pay a lump sum at once for premium. You choose what’s convenient for you.

Loss of Rent

Loss of rent/alternative accommodation and loss of or damage to movable personal belongings of the insured

Liability to 3rd Party

Liability to third parties for accidents in your house

Personal Accident

Personal accident to the insured and members of the insured’s family and/or domestic servants

A suite of amazing policy benefits tailored to your specific needs

Ensure Business Continuity


Our householder insurance ensures the continuity of your business/home in case of damage to properties caused by fire.

Promotes Confidence


Our householder insurance helps you reduce the burden of risk and uncertainties faced every day, giving you the confidence you need.

Ensures Financial Protection


Relieves you of the financial burdens that come with lawsuits, compensations, and replacement to personal or 3rd party assets and/or properties.

Positive Claims Experience


We assure you a speedy turnaround time for claims and as stress-free possible



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