Motor Insurance

LASACO Motor Insurance

Whether you drive a brand new or used vehicle, LASACO Assurance has insurance to protect your vehicle.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The object of this class of insurance is to indemnify for accidental loss of or damage or theft to vehicles while being driven by the insured or other persons carrying out any legal activity with the insured’s consent. This insurance also relieves the insured of providing financial compensation for third party bodily injury or property damage

Basic covers:

  • Vehicle loss or damage to the insured vehicle, resulting from accidental collision, theft, burglary and house break-in and fire.
  • Third party legal liability.
  • Third Party Property Damage.
  • Death or bodily injury to third parties – Compensation for death or bodily injury sustained as a result of an accident.
Third Party (Fire & Theft) Insurance

This policy is very similar to the Third Party cover described above, and is extended to cover loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle, arising out of fire and theft.

Third Party Insurance

This policy grants protection in respect of legal liability for death of (or bodily injury to) third parties, and for damage to property of third parties.

Motor Trade Insurance

This policy provides comprehensive cover for motor vehicles on the road or in the garage or on any premises owned by or in the occupation of the Insured against loss or damage to the vehicle and third party liabilities.


Authorised and Regulated by the National Insurance Commission (RIC 023)