Personal Accident Insurance

LASACO Assurance Personal Accident Insurance

This policy provides compensation to the Insured and his family members in respect of injury resulting in death or disablement from external, physical and violent means occurring anywhere in the world. Thus it is a 24 hours cover. It also offers compensation for medical expenses incurred in connection with such injury.

Death Benefit:

This is payable upon the death of the insured or members of his family caused by accident within the meaning of the policy.

Permanent Disablement:

Means the insured or members of his family is totally incapacitated from engaging in or attending to their normal duties.

Temporary Total Disablement:

Means temporary disablement from engaging in or attention to any portion of the Insured’s ordinary profession or occupation. This is a weekly benefit.

Medical, Surgical and Hospital Expenses:

Medical expenses (including operation fees, cost of medicine, surgical appliances and hospital or nursing home charges) necessarily incurred and expended in connection with any injury by accident within the meaning of the policy is covered.

Authorised and Regulated by the National Insurance Commission (RIC 023)