LASACO introduces rescue solution for road accidents

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LASACO Assurance Plc has introduced a speedy and more responsive claim settlement solution that will make policyholders get compensation under their motor insurance policies faster.

According to a statement by the firm, this is a strategy of boosting its customer satisfaction drive.

The company also said that it had launched an instant rescue solution, which would provide free tow service for vehicles with severe damage, particularly for vehicles owners insured by LASACO and generally for motorists operating within major parts Lagos State.

“The claim settlement solution, tagged LASACO Blue Response, which is targeted at automobile insurance operations, would enable the company to solve the most critical aspect of claim assessment and settle minor automobile insurance claims immediately upon notification,” it stated.

LASACO noted that the solution, first in the industry in Nigeria, would reduce the time frame between an accident and claim settlement and encourage more interaction between insurance operators and their clients.

Covering minor accidents, it added, the solution would only be available to policyholders in Lagos (excluding Epe, Imota and Badagry for now) who, in the event of an accident, would be required to call the company and its trained claim assessor would reach the location of accident within 30 minutes.

It is said to operate with fully kitted and ‘ready-to-go’ motorbike riders who will always ‘swing into action’ whenever there is instant notification of a claim.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the company, Segun Balogun, stated that the riders would inspect the accident vehicle at the scene of the accident, adjust the claim and offer an on-the-spot settlement.

This novel solution, he said, would promote efficient claim settlement response and elicit a more enduring relationship between insurance underwriters and their clients, as many people would, through it, have more confidence in insurance, especially automobile insurance operations.

Minor accident, the MD explained, was one affecting either the front, back, or the two sides of a vehicle “but is not severe enough to render the vehicle immovable.”

For major accidents, the LASACO Blue Rescue would offer help to vehicles requiring towing services from the scene of the accident to ‘the nearest safe location’ so as to decongest the ever busy Lagos roads, he added.

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