LASACO Investment Plan

LASACO Investment PlanThis policy has flexible terms and a minimum duration of five years. It pays lump sum benefit at early death or at maturity. The features and benefits are listed below:

  • Flexible premium payment.
  • Minimum tenure of five years.
  • Provides for cash withdrawal of 40% of the account balance only after two years.
  • Hedges against inflation.
  • Termination of the contract before two years is allowed.
  • At the end of the policy term, the policy holder shall receive the basic sum.
  • An avenue for compulsory saving with absolute security.
  • Premium paid is subject to tax relief.
  • Enhances liquidity position.
  • Helps you to plan for your investment.
  • Serves as collateral for loan.
  • Provides life assurance cover for the family in case of untimely death.
Authorised and Regulated by the National Insurance Commission (RIC 023)