LASACO Anticipated Plan

Lasaco Anticipated Plan

This is a three payment plan it has flexible terms and a minimum duration of nine years, it pays the account balance less accumulated value of installment withdrawal (s) at maturity. The features and benefits are as shown below:


  • PLAN DURATION: The plan is available for 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 years respectively
  • SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE: The benefit is payable in three (3) installments.
  • Flexible premium payment.
  • An avenue for compulsory saving with absolute security
  • Minimum tenure of 9 years
  • Provides a life assurance cover


  • Security of savings with good return
  • It attracts waiver of subsequent premiums in the event of death of the assured
  • It serves as collateral for loan
  • Tax Relief on your investment
  • It Provides Life Cover.

Death Benefit:
The death benefit shall be the account balance at the point of death, less the accumulated value of installmental withdrawal(s)


Authorised and Regulated by the National Insurance Commission (RIC 023)