Investment Linked Policy

Investment Linked Policy

This has dual maturity ages i.e, age 55 or 60. It pays lump sum benefit at early death or at maturity. The motive is to augment the gratuity receivable by a retiree with the lump sum provided by the policy. The features and benefits are listed below:


  • Flexible premium payment
  • Provides life assurance cover to the tune of the sum assured
  • An avenue for compulsory saving with absolute security
  • Matures at age 55 or 60
  • High rate of return
  • Provides a life assurance cover


  • Guarantees maximum returns on your investment
  • Security of savings
  • Tax Relief on your investment
  • Provides additional benefit in the event of death by accident
  • Policy loan benefit
  • It serves as collateral for loan
  • The policy can be used as personal pension plan


Authorised and Regulated by the National Insurance Commission (RIC 023)